Saturday, June 7, 2008

You know it's going to be a GREAT day when. . .

you open the nursery door and are overwhelmed by the smell of poop. Now usually you can tell when Vee needs a diaper change, but this wasn't normal. I don't even know what happened, but whatever it was it must have been gross. There were thin little bits on the carpet and some of it is stuck, so now I have to clean the upstairs carpet, which I've avoided doing for the last 14 months we've lived here. There was also some in her hair and under her nails. She slept with Ziggy last night, so I had to give them both a bath. Not my favorite thing because it's not Vee's favorite thing and it is Ziggy's favorite thing, which results in lots of messes. I had to close off their room until I have a chance to disinfect everything. I should have said I wasn't going to be a mom today and just taken the day off. Oh well, the best way to look at it is I have only 18 years left to bring the last one up to follow God then they're officially all the way His.

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