Monday, June 30, 2008

No more diapers!

At least for Ziggy. She's been day trained-for the most part-since the end of February. I just told her I wasn't going to put anymore diapers on her. It took about 5 days until we had hit all the regular bathrooms-stores, church, other people's house-and she stopped freaking out about using other potties. But I gave away her last handful of diapers the other day. We were still using them at night. Mainly she's out of them more on my part (Eric actually helped last night too!) than hers. I get up and take her at least once. If I don't then she still pees. I'd set up an alarm in her room but the smart, evil child unplugged it and put it back in her sister's room within an hour. So we'll try that again whenever I get around to it. But I'm so excited; there goes $4o a month. Yea!

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