Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Breasts, Best Cousins and Boats

So firstly, I forgot my Slim. Today's going to be more chronological than categorical. This will explain why.

My morning started with a trenta iced coffee. Then on to...THE MAMMOGRAM!!! (insert dun.dun.dun noise) Sometime in the week before school ended and I went to Utah to visit Randi I found a large lump in my breast. I waited through a whole cycle to make sure it didn't change and then called the doctor. With my age and history I knew what it was, it just still needed to be checked out. So cue my first mammogram and an ultrasound at age 31. wasn't that bad. Typically they take two shots on each side. One with the machine facing straight on and then a side view of a sorts where they tilt the aching to 45 degrees. Those were fine. At the site of the lump we had to take extra shots and one of those was a tish uncomfortable, but I am obviously here to tell the tale. The ultrasound wasn't nearly as cute as looking at baby ultrasounds. And the final exactly what I knew that it was before. benign, harmless and a bit irritating but painless.

And in all this I have only had some coffee and an apple! I raced to work because the other girls were sweet and were helping me out. Thankfully I had a slim-fast and a pork, yam and broccolini meal from Fresh&Easy while I was there. One of the guys from summer school said he would call me and we could go running with a group he goes with. I didn't really expect it to happen. And it didn't but I opened up my schedule just in case. And my cousin texted me! And we worked out to Jillian Michaels (who is evil!). And we went swimming. And we hung out. And we had taco boats! They are cool!!! But I had to pay attention and not overfill them. We also had brownies and I had coffee. And you know what...I wasn't feeling the brownies. They were yummy but I was fine just having one,

And the best part is that I stole some of my cousin's clothes after we went swimming. I looked like Christmas! 


Sarah said...

It was a good day. What's wrong with Christmas in July?

Jessica said...

Absolutely nothing! Especially since they were snow flakey :) A WHITE Christmas in July would be awesome! Of course a white Christmas in December would be great, too...