Monday, July 13, 2015

Day Seven. A Day Late Because I'm Disappointed In Myself.

Yesterday, Sunday, started with my Slim and boost. Breakfast was good. A mini bagel, cream cheese, watermelon, soy yogurt and bacon. It was a large breakfast but not too bad. Trenta sugar free iced coffee during working the nursery. Then lunch. And someone had the dumb idea to get pizza. I initially stopped at two pieces. Later I had two more pieces, like around 5:00. So not horrible, right? 4 pieces in a day isn't horrible. Except the last piece kept calling to me. Can y'all guess who won? It wasn't me. Then I still had rice and bacon later that night! And somewhere in there I ate a pint of tomatoes...And a bowl of lucky Charms and the last of the milk...The worst part was I didn't have that full feeling I had had the past week. That was how I was more in charge of not eating all the time.

I nodded off while we watched a movie, but I had also worked the two-year-old room during church. My back muscles let me know they got a good workout from carrying toddlers later, too!

I'm hoping the full feeling isn't gone. I actually appreciated it. I'm also hoping my shipment comes in soon! I ordered later on day 5 and am now on day 8. They just shipped last night and I'm not positive the package has actually officially left. It's not that they are taking too long, l just don't want to have a gap.

But today is a new day and it is worth it to keep going even if it isn't as easy as before (I think it was a one time thing, either due to hormones or emotions). So you tell yourself to stop whining!

On the plus side Vee and I painted our "pantry" so I can get my fridge and counter back which will make making good choices in the kitchen easier!

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