Monday, July 20, 2015

Days 13 and 14

The weekend was...there. It was raining and I felt blah, which is not a usual thing for me. So while I took my Slim I still had a hard time with eating too much. I would do fine until the late evening. I think part of it was not enough water and part of it was wanting something I couldn't identify. And an off schedule due to working earlier and for less hours.

I've done well the last two weeks with not wanting sweets, but Sunday I had whipped cream...then whipped cream with hot cocoa powder mixed in...eaten with crackers. It might have been a craving for iron, which is why chocolate is so popular in conjunction with hormone cycles. And I don't have any in the house. This is often a problem for me...

I measured again, since it's been two weeks. And I have lost a grand total of...0 inches. Even though I've lost some pounds. This is my fault, though, for not exercising. The biggest thing is remembering that Slim is a tool, not a magic wand. I worked hard to lose the 30 pounds with no help. I still have to keep working hard, even though I'm tired. The Slim can't work if I'm not giving it anything to work with. Or if I'm overloading it with junk.

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