Saturday, July 25, 2015

Friday "Try"-day Day 19

I went and did something new!!! But let's start at the beginning ;)

I met my mom and grandmother for breakfast at Denny's in Mission Valley. It was packed! I tried the Fit Fare Veggie Skillet. Decent flavor and texture. 340 calories (really good for eating out). And pretty greasy at the end. But not bad.

Then I went PADDLEBOARDING!!! For five minutes. And managed to fall in...It was windy so we decided to turn them in for kayaks and on the last turn I wasn't able to turn all the way before the wind pushed me into the rocks. Oh well. I am aware that I am not the most coordinated. I've learned to live with it and laugh at it most of the time. Ask Randi about ice skating ;) So my friend and I kayaked for a good hour and a half or so. It was awesome! I killed my fingers on the side of the kayak. I got sunburned because the sunblock wasn't in the car. And I got to spend time with someone who has been really important to me for most of my life. Goodness, almost 20 years.

She also suggested a great fish and chips place where we split a shrimp salad and divvied up some fish and chips, though I ate the lion's share of that.

So on the time with Vee. Who sweet talked me into The Minions. Last time we went the tickets were $6.50 each. They were NOT $6.50 this time :( But we were already there. Then, I was stupid. We had already decided we wouldn't get anything from the concession stand. But I wanted a drink. You know, to go with the mini Twix, Andes peppermint bark and teriyaki nori that we brought with us. I drink all the time. Like at least 120 ounces of water a day if I'm using the trenta cups from Starbucks. I love those cups! And I usually drink more than that. So I got a soda. We sat down and I wanted popcorn. I could have told myself no. I should have told myself no. But I didn't. And then Vee wanted a drink. Fair enough, she doesn't really like what I usually get. Not I'm not upset about the food or calories. I'm more frustrated that I had to work 3 hours to earn  what I spent and that I did it anyway. The tickets were one thing. And not worth getting upset about. But the food was my own fault. Vee was against it. Sometimes kiddo knows best.

I definitely started feeling the rowing by the end of the night. At first it loosened up what was sore from Thursday. Then it started feeling twingey. I love that feeling! I didn't drink my Plexus Slim until we got home and dinner was just a quick mash of rice, beans, chili's and tomatoes. Some things just end on an odd note, rather like this post :P


Randi Legates said...

I was mentioned it a blog post!!! I feel special. I think you did just fine with iceskating, you know for a Jessica ;)

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