Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tenth Day

My Slim and boost didn't come in the mail until the afternoon. Breakfast was cottage cheese and some watermelon and iced coffee with creamer. I ended up splitting a breakfast burrito with someone and it was a good thing, I was having a hard time with patience with some of my students. I forgot lunch. Dinner was spaghetti and kale and potatoes. Later dinner was more spaghetti...and the rest of the breaded fish...and two small rice cakes with hummus and a piece of turkey...

I took my Slim and boost before dinner. I wasn't tired during the day but about an hour after I took the boost I tanked. I don't think the boost was responsible, though, because I sat down and it was after 6:00. Part of why I have to keep going is because generally otherwise I'll crash. I do think the boost has been helping with that but it's hard to tell because I don't usually stop.

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