Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day Four

And it's time to commit. I need to buy more supplies in order to do the full 6 weeks and I need to do it soon. And it's a little scary because it's a bit expensive. Especially since it's only been four days.

But in the four days I have definitely been less hungry and I've totally been able to deal with the cravings. Not even "I deserve this because of ______________ or ____________". I'm not sure about the energy part, though, the boost. Between my mum and my youngest being diagnosed with ADD and knowing myself and my habits and the fact that stimulants often put me to sleep I probably should have realized this sooner. I have been pretty tired the last few days and didn't even think about it until talking with one of my colleagues. She has personal experience with the same situation and she's a special education teacher. But Plexus has other add-ons or I may just do the Plexus. It's actually called Slim, so I suppose I ought to call it that.

Yesterday I posted I wasn't quite sure how it works. Here's a little blurb. Nothing overly scientific...

Today foodwise I had a bagel thin with peanut butter and coconut milk, half of each for breakfast and snack around 2:00. Snack at work was a pack of carrots and I had a trenta iced caramel coffee (no milk or half and half, just coffee) before a 1:00 appointment. I had an early dinner around 4:00 of the rest of my spaghetti and garlic bread from last night and a Tropical Chicken Salad with no dressing from fresh&easy after 8:00. The salad was almost too much.

Water has been fine. Two bottles at work and two+ trenta cups this evening. Adults should be drinking half their bodyweight in ounces of water. So I'm 142ish which means I need at least 71 ounces of water. If I exercise I drink at least another 24 ounces. For kiddos we aim for their weight in ounces.

I haven't officially really lost any weight yet, but the low has gotten a smidge lower, it's just not consistently there all the time. I'm also due to restart my cycle soon so we'll blame it on that ;)

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