Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 9, Doctor's Appointment, Don't Know What To Wear

Today I weighed! But forgot to take pics. So tomorrow it is. Hopefully. Slim and boost in the morning with a thin bagel and 1/2 of cottage cheese. I took some coffee and creamer to work. I tried Pioneer Woman's Iced coffee! I had part of an apple for snack, like just the part around the middle. Lunch was half a quesadilla from Frazier Farms (a local Sprouts-type store) with a LOT of onions and cilantro! Right before a doctor's appointment! Dinner was a quinoa spinach salad with about 2/3 of the dressing pack and a "healthy" frozen dinner. Then after work I got a taco and small fries from Del Taco...

I wasn't too hungry today and my energy was fine. It felt much better than feeling put of control like the last few days. But I have to get over some times were I expect to eat. I feel like Pavlov's dog. As soon as I get in the car to go home from work it's "Ooh, I'm going home from work, I must be hungry!" So last night I had some fruit and veggies. Then I ended up having a piece of bread and two pieces of turkey. I have convinced myself that if I feel hungry I won't go to sleep. And sometimes I say, whatever,  I don't care, so what if it's a bad choice it doesn't matter. And not in a good attitude. Hence the Del Taco.

I went to the doctor today. I had found something to keep an eye on and after over a month decided to go in. I know it's one of two things, both nonserious. So I go and I'm told "You have this." Yeah, duh. That's why I called. So they will call me to set up tests. I know it probably weeds through lots of unnecessary tests and such, but the whole appointment felt like a waste. I know the next steps. I know what that word and procedure are. I can tell you which two things I think it is. Do I really have to come back here? Apparently the answer is yes.

And so...clothes! I have managed to not wear the same shirt for the whole three and a half weeks of summer school. At first it was because I had picked up some cute clothes while shopping with my sister. They have some good thrift stores and consignment shops in Utah! I had also picked up some cute pieces in a thrift store by where I grew up in East County. So it kind of became a game about halfway through the second week. And I have tomorrow figured out. And Friday. But am stuck for Thursday. And I'm choosing to fuss over this than other junk because sometimes you need to focus on something silly.

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