Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 8

And I need more Slim! And I didn't go running today because I had homework which didn't take as long as I was worried it would but I was already home. And tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment. And Wednesday I have therapy. And Thursday I'm supposed to go out with friends. And Friday I will probably be behind on my homework again! Ugh.

I took my Slim and boost right when I got up and forgot to weigh! So I'll do that tomorrow. Breakfast was peanut butter and pickle on a thin bagel and a trenta sugar free iced coffee. My Starbucks card is empty, so it's no more Starbucks :( Though someone asked if the whole thing had been full of coffee. I told them I just gave up soda, coffee was my next thing! I was hungry when I got home from work, and had a slim-fast and a piece of watermelon around 1:00 or so. Second lunch around 3:00 was a sandwich on 2 pieces of 45 calorie processed bread and two pieces of lunch meat and a handful of sugar snap peas. Dinner around 6:00 was reruns of breaded fish and rice and a sauteed zucchini. The problem was I wasn't quite hungry but kept feeling like I should eat. So it was more of a compulsion than a need. I'm trying to work on that. Throughout the day I threw in some cucumber sticks. When I got home from work I had 3 pieces of watermelon and a handful of snap peas. I tend to treat veggies as a whatever, whenever food but am thinking I need to reclassify them as a gateway food-they do just enough to make you want something more. So I'm drinking more water and telling my taste buds they need to be quiet.

~~~*~~~*~~~Girl Talk Below~~~*~~~*~~~

I didn't feel as tired as I have been lately. But I haven't been feeling as full. Today was the first day or the day before the first day of my cycle and I'm really wondering if that has anything to do with it. I know I've been thinking it would start soon but I was off by a few days. I finally broke down and started using a tracker and realized my cycles are around 34 days long. So I'm not going to complain, but I can't say "Oh, that was around the 12th, that should start again soon."

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