Friday, July 17, 2015

Day Twelve

I WENT RUNNING!!! Well, walking fast with a tish of running.
And my feet hurt! And my back is workout sore! And I'm tired! And I feel AWESOME!!! We'll see if I still feel like that when it's time to go out tomorrow ;)

Slim and boost in the morning followed by cottage cheese, a thin bagel and some watermelon. And of course coffee and creamer :) I had half a cinnamon sugar bagel with cream cheese at work. It was the only one in half. But I didn't have any chocolate! An apple before my walk (I hate saying that, I feel like I'm 60 going around the block in my keds...). Half a quesadilla from Tuesday and some coffee with sweet-n-low. I used to love it. I hate sugary sodas and would only drink diet. But now I'm not liking it in anything. So YAY!!! I miss soda but I'm hanging in there! Dinner was a portobello and spinach on a piece of processed bread and some Brussel sprouts with bacon and a butter sauce. So they weren't healthy like I usually do but they were yummy. Except since there wasn't much protein or many carbs I ended up eating two pieces of lunch meat and some brown rice and spaghetti sauce. I really just want more coffee and I haven't had nearly enough water.

This was stolen from a friend's Facebook page and I have no clue where she stole it from, but it is accurate. It still takes work and hurts and doesn't always seem worth it but looking back it was worth it.

Though this one works, too...

And LOL, even Quizzdoos are telling me I should run more...
The quiz was "What new hobby I should take up" ;)

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