Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sixth Day...

So last night I went to Bunco. It was a lot of fun. It was potluck...I took veggies and hummus ;) But I did okay with food. I had a plate of yummies!

What you don't see are two of these! Oh goodness, they were delicious!

And something happened that has never happened...I stopped eating. If there is food out I am usually constantly picking at it. I did have one extra wonton and it was so not worth it. It was awesome to not be constantly wandering by the food table picking stuff up. It was a friend's birthday and I did finish her cupcake. She'd eaten about 2/3 and I ate the rest. It was the perfect amount and while it tasted good I just didn't want any more. I felt free!!!

And then today...we went out around 7:15 to get some stuff to refinish a bookcase. Before breakfast. You can see where this is going...I didn't have my Slim and boost. That's okay, you can have it before any meal. Then we ended up going from Lowe's the Food4Less to WalMart to WalMart to get gas. Except there was a stop to Jack In The Box in there...two tacos and some curly fries later and Vee and I weren't feeling super great. I'm glad the eight-year-old is able to tell that she feels yucky when she eats junk food :) We also had a taco and a few curly fries for snack. Yuck.

I had my Slim and boost around 12:30 and lunch around 1:00 was 2/3 of a thin bagel (Vee's a bagel thief!), 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and a bunch of veggies from last night. Much better!!! I had a homemade coconut milk latte and some watermelon throughout the day. Watermelon sticks are fantastic!

Dinner around 5:30 was a 1/2 cup of rice that I didn't eat much of, a quarter head of roasted cauliflower and some breaded tilapia. I was hungry by 7:45. I'm guessing because I didn't eat my rice. I was also short on water which I know didn't help anything. I had a 1/3 cup of rice and 2 sausage links around 8:45.

Energy...I nodded off today around 2:00 or so. But I got a good bit done and didn't feel draggy today, so that was good.

Thoughts on blogging this. At first it was a good idea, and I still think it is, but it's starting to feel like a chore. And I'm back to measuring food. I don't feel the need to obsess over calories, focusing more on content than content and numbers. I feel fairly confident listening to when I'm full (except today, today feels off-my mouth is saying "feed me" but I'm trying to listen to my stomach, which isn't really saying anything". And I know all this isn't necessarily super interesting to you. Blogging's mainly for me anyway, but still.

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