Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Second Day...

I got busy this morning and wasn't really feeling breakfast. I got to sleep around midnight last night and wasn't feeling getting up! I ironed and made my latte with 1/2 cup of coconut milk and realized I had to take my Plexus and boost but then remembered I had to eat. Except it was 730. You take the Plexus 30 minutes before you eat. I still can't remember if I took my boost but I could only find one more pill so I hope so. Breakfast was a banana and half of a potato, ham and egg scramble from fresh&easy that was on clearance.

At snack, the kids' lunch around 11:15, I was actually feeling somewhat hungry. I had another teeny banana and a bag of baby carrots (like a palm sized bag-25 calories or so). School gets out at 12:15 and I was truly hungry but nothing sounded good except more water. At school I had finished my latte and a bottle of water.

My main meal consisted of the lunch special and the halfway decent sushi place down the street. I felt too full but hoped I wouldn't have to eat much later. I've had another 3 glasses of water and a killer headache, which I'm guessing is from the chemicals in the soda rather than the caffeine.
Chicken cutlet, rice, salad, California roll and miso soup. I didn't eat all the rice...

"Dinner" consisted of ramien and an egg. I feel icky. But I was too blah to wash and cut up veggies. But I've had three grapefruit waters! And now you have to read the next paragraph because you're hooked. Muahahahaha!

I took the advice of a few friends and combined soda water or sparkling water or whatever it is with grapefruit juice. Why grapefruit? 'Cause it was on sale. You'll start to see a theme with that. AND I made you a video of me trying it. 'Cause I love y'all that much ;) On that note, it took me a few hours to finish that first glass. Not a fan, I've decided. I think I miss the sweet artificial chemicals, not the fizziness. Now I know...but don't I look adorable in my video ;)

So I'm not really into supplements and gimmicks to lose weight. The first thirty pounds were honestly hard won. I would make bad choices and see the results in how my system felt and how the numbers went up. I would make good choices and see the effects when I felt better (or evened out from the bad choices) and how the numbers would go down. At one point I was checking my fitbit and lose it apps constantly, which is silly considering the lose it only reflects what I put in there. I had them synced at one point but was driving myself crazy. I haven't worn my fitbit zip since Friday. I simply can't find it. That being said I'm giving this a try.

So why Plexus? It had the best sale. And my awesome friend that I would trust with anything in my life trusts Plexus. Not to put too much pressure on her ;) I don't really know how it works. Right now I'm just seeing if it does. I'll give it 6 weeks. 42 days. And see how I feel.

I haven't been able to go run for a week and I am really noticing a difference. The Plexus and boost are supposed to help with endurance and I can't wait to see if it's true!

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