Monday, July 6, 2015

Trying Something New

So in January I went to a conference with my cousin. My mama paid for the tickets and she left early! While it wasn't "meaty" it was a good reminder of how loved and valued I am. And that I was worthy of taking care of myself. Especially since no one else can. So I went home. I got on the scale. And saw 170.

Halloween 2014. And this was a kind picture!!!

January 25th. Love that hill!
So the next day I went for a walk at the beach. For like 2 miles or something like that. And I did a hill or two. And started watching what I ate.  I had joined a weight loss challenge a few weeks before but had just figured I was throwing the money away. I decided to actually make an effort. Soon I tried Zumba when they had it at church (we have a fitness group with a rotating schedule...I'm not overly fond of yoga, though that is how I knew I was "FAT". I could stretch but the fat was in the way...). And I lost 20 pounds on the challenge and came in tied for 3rd for percentage of body weight lost.

We had a round two where we set a goal. Mine was to get into the 130s, meaning 139.9 would count ;) And I made it right before I went to my sister's and ate everything! So for the last few weeks I've been about 141-142. And I feel fatter now than when I was 170. I didn't realize how heavy I was. There's no one to tell me and all of my clothes were stretchy. I was in 14s, almost 16s. Now I'm in 10s and almost 8s. But I'm not happy with were I'm at.

So 10 pounds is my goal. around 130. But mainly I'd like to be more toned. It's not for anyone. I live by myself and so it's not to please other people. It's more to be healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin. I don't have any before pictures, really. Or measurements. But right now I have a 32 inch waist, 39 inch hips, 22 inch thigh and wear a 36B/C bra,

One pill and one packet per day with some water :)
So enter Plexus. This morning I took a packet and a pill half an hour before I ate. Then I had breakfast. I took a few hours to dink a venti skinny vanilla latte with an extra shot (and now you know my order if you ever decide to bring me Starbucks ;) ). At snack I had two of the cutest, teeniest bananas!!! They weren't even special ones. For lunch it was half a whole wheat turkey wrap from Sprouts and a few handfuls of grape tomatoes and some super strong iced tea. Dinner was a cup of white rice (it cooks faster than brown, unfortunately), zucchini in a teaspoon or so of olive oil and about a cup of dark chicken. I finished my wrap and the pint of tomatoes and two bottles of water. Then I ate veggie straws in the car on the way home from work.
Me in new shoes from my sister!!! June 27, 2015

So how am I feeling? I didn't feel the energy that is supposed to be a benefit but I also worked super late after a late night the night before. But I wasn't really hungry. I had moments where I needed to eat but the cravings were definitely less than usual. My system is cleaning itself out, so it will be nice when all the ick is out. I really wanted a soda but I think part of it was more habit than anything. I'm a diet soda girl, but all of it's bad for you. I wanted more water but was balking at drinking it. Lemon in my water was suggested, as was sparkling water then adding my own lemon to see if it's the carbonization that I like. I usually feel like I need to eat (more of a feeling than a need) when I get home from work. Either I ate more veggie straws than I realized or the Plexus is working on the cravings. I really hope it's the Plexus!


Brenda T. said...

I am excited to follow this part of your journey Jess! You have been doing an awesome job, with the right attitude. Love, Brenda T.

Mia said...

I recently learned that carbonation is also bad for you. Apparently there's a documentary or something. One of my super healthy friends told me that.