Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 15

Slim and a thin bagel and three pieces of lunch meat and mini bell peppers for breakfast. A soy latte from home. An apple and a banana for snack at work. I had the same thing for lunch as for breakfast. A popcorn rice cake and some random veggies. I tried to be super conscious about the snacking and the reasons behind it. So I had a lot more water at home today. Dinner was a large bit of fish and brown rice and peas.

I'm feeling a lot more convicted about eating meat. It's one thing to "not like how they're treated", which is where I've been so far, and realizing you are biting into a piece of an animal and tearing its flesh apart...so I guess I'm going to be eating a lot of beans until we decide how bad soy really is for us. Though I'm still not against eggs if I had chickens or milk if I had goats. But since I don't we've been skipping those, too.

I went for a run that ended up mostly walk. Like ALL walk. I went around my neighbourhood instead of the beach. Elevation sucks. Hills suck. Humidity sucks. Heat sucks. And forgetting my water bottle sucks. Oh well, just means I have to work harder...

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