Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Moonlight Monday

Well, first off, I forgot my Slim all day. It's hard to write a post about how something makes you feel if you forget to take it. But I'll go over the past few weeks. Then I'll get to my fun day :)

First, it lets me know when I eat a bunch of junk. It then proceeds to flush it from my system thoroughly!

I do not feel nearly as "hungry" (maybe more just wanting to eat) and my mind/mouth isn't stuck on a flavor or food until I can't think about anything else.

I do wake up pretty refreshed, though I will throw in that I haven't had to leave the house at 7 am like I do during the school year.

For the most part I don't feel tired during the day. There are always exceptions, but those were usually due to extra exercise or an emotional day.

My Sarah that is in love with Plexus says she feels clearer-headed. I do not disagree but don't know if I am officially clear-headed. There is a lot to clear up in there...

So, my day! It started with a homemade soy latte. Then Cousin Sarah and I went for a walk...to Starbucks ;) Skinny, sugar free Vanilla Latte, baby! We walked back with our drinks, bringing us to almost 3 miles. We also did our abs. After hanging around her place for a bit, including eggs and toast for breakfast, she decided we would go to Moonlight Beach in Carlsbad. It was nice! And the bathrooms were so clean!!! We didn't get in the water, but I helped Nephew 2 build sand castles. We had Trader Joe's turkey club wraps, pink lemonade cupcakes, blueberries, persian cucumbers and cheese doodles! I made it to work and had ham and beans. Mainly because that's what I had time to pack! My after work snack wash half a Lavash wrap and two pieces of turkey lunch meat. Overall I ended up at 1550 calories. I remember when I would eat that at one sitting!

It was fun eating just bits of the fun foods at the beach. Though I never got one of the uncrustables the kids had. Those are so good! I wonder if we could get them to make a peanut butter and pickle version...


Sarah said...

Yuck! Peanut Butter and Pickles! Only you.
Love you Cousin Jessica. You look awesome.

Randi Legates said...

I laughed at the whole clear head part, when you said you had a lot up there to clear. No worries you aren't the only one. Love ya!

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