Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 18

I worked out with my cousin. It's so much more fun with someone else! Even if I was typing for half our walk. Sorry, Sarah! Next we went to the park and did some arm exercises and then home and did some ab exercises. Breakfast was a boiled egg, a piece of toast and butter, some coffee and creamer and some blueberries. I love breakfasts where I don't have to cook! Then just hanging out, playing in the pool and sitting in the sun :) Slim and lunch around 1:30. In an attempt to transition from meat I'm starting to use beans. So lunch was half a cup of great northern beans, 1/2 a cup brown rice, 2 tbsp green chiles and a tbsp tomato paste. It was okay. Definitely edible. I'm not big on beans, so I guess I'll make a pot, like I do for rice. I also didn't feel FULL but beans and rice are both so full of calories that I was being conservative. I'll probably do 2/3 cup each next time. Dinner was pork chop, rice and Brussel sprouts and my snacks throughout the day were strawberries, popcorn rice cakes, a half turkey sandwich and a half cup of soy milk. Oh, and a trenta sugar free iced coffee...Overall it came to 1130 calories. Plenty of water.

I was tired. Like lay down and still not snap out of it tired. I didn't sleep well Wednesday night. No real reason, just didn't. Tonight was also my first day back to my normal evening schedule at work and it felt SOOOO late. So when I got off I came home and...laid in bed for forever

I did things I didn't want to do! If it is an activity I will often get it over with. But if it's a conversation where I will feel vulnerable or where I'm not sure I'll be successful in accomplishing or conveying what needs to be accomplished or conveyed then I put it off...a lot...When your text or email notifications going off make your system flood with adrenaline you tend to avoid whatever you can. My therapist actually got on to me about it! I actually don't mind that. She uses to more client-centered approach. And while I'm not expecting anyone else to do stuff for me, sometimes I wouldn't mind if she were harder on me.