Monday, July 27, 2015

Saturday "Sat Around"-day Day 20

Vee and I...sat. And laid. And chilled. And watched a bunch of anime. She played, I promise. I talked to my best friend/sistery person. Hi, Randi!!! I got the bathroom mostly cleaned and organized. But not much exercise. Or movement. Or anything. And I loved it!!!

Breakfast was Slim, oatmeal, soy milk and strawberries. I had 2/3 cup of oats and it was too much.

Lunch was 2 ounces of tuna with brown mustard and a teaspoon of mayo with two pieces of bread. You know, I never got around to getting my veggies out!!!

Dinner was ham and beans with cornbread. I made it with soy milk and flaxmeal instead of eggs. It wasn't bad. We're still working on some of the substitutions...I didn't add any salt to the beans and it was still too salty. But that is comfort food for me. Wow, another deficit of veggies...not normal.

I'll admit, I had a piece and a half of peppermint bark and a mini twix. I also finished my soda from the night before. We split the last three peppermint thins to get rid of them. I ate the twix because I was walking around and saw the bag and ate one. I put those in the freezer. I don't like hard chocolate. The soda was diet and I STILL have that chemical sweetener taste in my mouth. That used to be a constant. I'm glad it's gone. But because I was drinking that soda all day I didn't drink enough water. But I felt in control, which I'm honestly giving credit to the Slim for. Normally I would have had to eat it all so it was out of the house. But I felt good. And able to resist. It's a great feeling!


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