Monday, July 27, 2015

Fun In The Sun-day

You know, I'm liking these cheesy titles ;)

The day started off funny. I did homework and then we had to get ready for church. I never thought I would think 9:00 was too early for something but that's how church feels when I have to make sure Vee is ready, too. She sleeps until 7:45-8:00, which is WAY later than I sleep! So I never got to my Slim. I did have a small bowl of beans and a latte made with Thin Mint creamer because I used the rest of the milk in the corn bread.

Lunch (and dinner) was chipotle. I don't think I had ordered from there before. Maybe once. And let me tell you, that is not a place you can easily make good choices! But since the burritos are so large I had no problem making two meals out of it. Though I did have my Slim and a sandwich for a snack in-between (I forgot my veggies again!).

But then I ran into trouble. Slim is doing a great job in helping me control my cravings and not feeling as hungry. But my head still wins sometimes. Like last night. I had to go to Fresh&Easy for milk. And my brain said "You might get hungry. You know you can't go to sleep if you're hungry!" And macaroni and cheese cakes were on sale (think crab cakes except with mac-n-cheese). So I got them. And ate all 350 salty, not that great, carb-loaded calories right before bed. I try to make sure I let myself have yummy food. But that doesn't mean I don't make mistakes. The mac-n-cheese cakes were a mistake...

I didn't exercise, per se, but we went to the beach and played in the waves a lot :) And I took a photo in my bathing suit for you ;)

We call this the Randi pose. She looks a lot cuter when she does it ;)


Randi Legates said...

Love the Randi pose! :D I didn't even know that I did that.

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