Friday, July 10, 2015

Day Five and I'm gonna Party!!!

Breakfast was Slim and boost, Starbucks English muffin with cage-free egg whites and turkey bacon and another trenta iced coffee. While I wasn't AS beat as the last few days I was still tired. I had not quite a half of a piece of pizza at school and I got all the pepperoni. The person I shared it with is a vegetarian, so I got it all!!! (a note on that in a bit) Lunch around 2:30 was "fast-food", meaning whatever fresh&easy had on clearance and I could microwave there. Today it was chicken caprese, so pretty much a chicken breast piece, pasta, spinach, mozzarella and tomatoes. Dinner will be whatever we're having at Bunco! I'm spending time with adults! Someone might even say my name and be talking to me as opposed to work Jessica or school Jessica.

I haven't had enough water yet today. And even when my body felt hungry my stomach never felt empty. Almost like when you drink too much water and you feel all sloshy but without the sloshy itself. So lunch almost felt like too much. So I'm hopeful I'll be able to listen to my body tonight.

I ordered product and after talking to my amazing Sarah I decided to go with just the Slim, though I'll finish my boosts to see if my body starts feeling energized by it. I have taken 5 (I think) of the 12 that I have. If I get a better reaction over the next few days I'll get some more. There's a probiotic that would be nice to try, but not right away.

So we're trying to go cruelty free. Except sometimes I forget, like when I go out to eat. It's a new concept for me and I don't impose it on the girls but am introducing it to them. I don't necessarily mind eating meat. But I don't agree with how animals are treated and slaughtered. So we're slowly transitioning. If I had chickens then it would be "eat all the eggs!" but since we don't have chickens, or a cow or anything else meatish, we're using up what's in the freezer and working on new types of protein.


Randi Legates said...

I love how every time I read your blog the backround has changed :)

Mia said...

Cruelty-free is awesome! We try to do that as much as possible also. But it is difficult, especially when you do go out to eat or to someone else's house and they don't care as much. We're not sticklers about it, but I'd like to move that way even more. I'm also working toward whole, real food (less processed). That's a real challenge with Charlie in my life! :)

Jessica said...

Haha, Randi! And Mia, I feel you. I forget when I go out most of the time. And I can't help you with the Charlie, since I had one, too, that I could never figure out. Best I could do was get the girls to love veggies. Thankfully I succeeded!